I spent all this time learning React... but can't even get a job interview!

Am I ready for my first React job in a professional team?

You've come a long way learning React but here you are: Struggling to find a job.

If you started looking for React jobs already you probably see offers like this all the time:

Holy moly, those are a lot of requirements! Maybe you can check off the top two. At least if you leave out the "proficient"... But what about the rest?

Let's face it:

You have no clue how a professional developer works. Not to mention a team of professional developers.

After all this time learning React, you're still feeling incompetent. Doubting if you're ready for the job. Hell, doubting if you'll ever find a job.

Are you even cut out to make a career as a React dev?

Hold on... let's pause here for a second and take a step back. After all, others have made it as well. The only question is: what does it take for you?


What if you finally had a job as React developer?

A job in one of these shiny modern tech companies. The ones that value and invest in your training. You know, the ones with the colorful slides inside.

If you had such a job...

  • You'd work on real-world projects solving real-world problems.
  • You'd have experienced developers at your side to help you out.
  • You'd rapidly grow and improve your coding skills.

You'd finally have a look behind the scenes. You'd experience how professional teams operate. You'd learn their workflows and how they build projects.

With a bit of time, you'd finally feel like a valuable and competent developer. A fellow professional.

From this point on you'd be in. Recruiters would reach out to you with job offers. You could find a new job whenever you wanted.

Unlike now.

Currently, you have to chase job offers. Recruiters hardly reply.

Because the main problem persists: How are you supposed to get this experience if you can't get a job in the first place?

The thing is you don't need a job for this. You can get pretty close without.

Honestly, this was better than most programming courses I took in university. It is really well organized and designed. I liked the level of feedback and the feeling of being in a real team setting.

The project definitely helped me improve my day-to-day Git workflow. I learned a lot of little (and big!) things about React.

It seemed you were genuinely interested in seeing me succeed.

Erin Stuelke

Erin Stuelke

Python developer / data scientist

A developer becomes a pro with guidance & practice

On a job, experienced developers would guide your focus on the important skills to learn. You would practice these skills by working on tasks on a real project.

Guidance plus hands-on practice is what makes you a pro over time.

And that's exactly what you can get here.

  1. You learn professional dev skills that are used in the real world. Like using Git in a team, working with designs, or Agile development.
  2. You practice these skills by working on real-world React projects. You build projects from scratch or work on tasks in an existing code base.
  3. You get tailored advice on how to improve your code.

With these projects on your GitHub you'll have an outstanding portfolio to use for your job hunt. You'll gain confidence that helps you while you start your career.

Got the job and they're starting me on Monday! The pixel-perfect design technique I learned here blew them away!

I've struggled to find a job for a long time. I can say with confidence that this course is what led me to land the job.

It's probably the greatest thing to have happened to me when it comes to my web dev education... and I've done a lot of courses.

Martin Kruger

Martin Kruger

Self-taught React developer


Start your journey as a professional React dev

Let us be your guide along the way

Get Started


With the free membership, you will learn professional skills that are relevant in the real world. These skills include e.g. working with designs, a professional GitHub flow, and Agile processes.

You'll not only learn these skills but practice them while building static marketing pages.

  • Work like professional dev teams

  • Build awesome marketing pages

  • Access professional designs

  • Learn & practice pro developer skills

Once you're signed in you'll be redirected to the project where you'll get access to the designs, kanban board, and your repository. There you'll also learn about professional team-work and techniques.

Limited early access offer

$99$249lifetime access

Build full-blown dynamic React applications and create an outstanding GitHub portfolio for your job hunt.

Get access to a private community where you can discuss your implementations and get help when you're looking for a job.

  • Build real-world dynamic applications

  • Access to a private community

  • Lifetime access to all updates

  • Lifetime access to future courses

  • Only for the first 50 members

After the payment, you're redirected to the project where you get access to the premium designs, kanban board & repository. You'll receive the community invite and your receipt via email.

Companies & Teams

Looking for qualified junior to mid-level developers to join your team? We can connect you to ambitious talents who know how to work in a professional team. Click here for more information.

I've taken lots of courses and this was completely different. The way it's structured pushes you to do the actual work yourself. This is the key to learning.

The amount and quality of the feedback are superb. Having the chance to compare my code to the implementation of an experienced developer helped me a lot. I improved my skills fast and in the right direction.

After the first couple of weeks in my new job, I realized how much your project helped me. I quickly got up to speed with the team workflows and daily development tasks. Usually, nobody tells you about these until you have an actual job doing real work.

Felipe Rueda

Felipe Rueda

Product manager turned React dev

How it works

Learn how to work like the pros in these 3 steps

1. Learn professional skills

After signing in with your GitHub account you'll be redirected to the project.

You'll learn how professional development teams operate and build products. You'll learn a handful of pro skills that you can practice later while building the project.

2. Get Invites

Before starting the project you'll get invites to some tools that are commonly used in real-world development teams:

  1. Professional designs for you to translate to code
  2. Kanban board that is prepared with tasks for you
  3. GitHub repository to store your code

3. Build the project like in a real team

Finally, you'll implement the project using the tools and resources above. You'll write the code on your local machine with an editor of your choice.

Once you're done with a task you push the code to your GitHub repo. Your bot-mentor and teammate will leave a code review. You'll get tips on how to improve your code as well as an example implementation created by an experienced React dev.


Become a pro React developer with these projects

Find a selection of current and upcoming projects that you can choose from.

  • React project for portfolio: Reddit Timer
    • React
    • Testing Library
    • styled-components
    Start for free

    App: Reddit Timer

    Build a beautifully designed landing page with React. Learn how to translate a professional design into pixel-perfect code.
    • Working with designs
    • Pixel-perfect layouts
    • Planning
    • Agile
    • GitHub flow
    • Dynamic web app
    • Testing
    • Data fetching
    • Forms
  • React project for portfolio: GitHub Flow
    • Git
    • GitHub
    Start for free

    Pro Skill: GitHub Flow

    As lone devs we mostly work on the master branch. But using Git in a team is a completely different experience. What if you could practice a professional Git workflow *without the need of a team*? Let a robot teach you how to use *branches, Pull Requests, merge, and rebase* in a professional team environment.
    • Working in a team
    • GitHub flow
    • Pull Requests
    • Code Reviews
    • Robot team mate
    • Feature branches
    • Merge
    • Rebase
  • React project for portfolio: Pixel-Perfect Designs
    • CSS
    • Figma

    Pro Skill: Pixel-Perfect Designs

    As a professional front-end or full-stack developer, you will have to work with designs. Unlike your pet projects, you can't just fiddle around and adjust your CSS until everything looks *alright*. Your designers won't be happy, that's a promise. Learn how to implement designs right. To the pixel.
    • Professional designs
    • Pixel-perfect CSS
  • React project for portfolio: 180 Analytics
    • React
    • styled-components

    App: 180 Analytics

    Build a beautifully designed landing page with React. Learn how to translate a professional design into pixel-perfect code.
    • Working with designs
    • Pixel-perfect layouts
    • Planning
    • Agile
    • GitHub flow
    • Dynamic web app
    • Testing
    • Data fetching
    • Forms
    • Charts

Freqently asked questions

Free vs premium membership

We want as many people to benefit from our content as possible. That's why we decided to provide free access to large parts of the projects and courses.

With a free membership, you will get access to many future courses. You can also build the marketing pages of the projects.

Projects (here and in the real world) typically consist of two parts: Static marketing pages to attract customers and dynamic pages with the actual application logic.

By building marketing pages you can practice many professional skills and build a nice portfolio.

If you want to build the more complex dynamic parts of the projects as well you'll need to buy a premium membership though. The complete projects will allow you to practice and experience what it feels like to be a professional developer. You won't only build great-looking pages but add real functionality.

With these projects on your portfolio, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd of job applicants.

Can I upgrade from a free to a premium membership?

Sure. You can start with a free membership to give it a try and upgrade later. You'll continue working in the same repository, but you'll be invited to a new Kanban board as well as new designs.

The only downside is that you won't be able to access the community during the free tasks. That means you won't be able to share and discuss your code with us and other students.

How much time do I need for this project?

Most students take about 1 week to complete the free project and 2 - 4 weeks for the premium project. This depends highly on your experience and the time you can invest.

You can work at your own pace to fit this project into your schedule. It has a medium complexity.

Is it possible to build this project next to a full-time job?

Since you can work at your own pace you can also finish the project next to a full-time job. It makes sense though to be able to focus a few hours a couple of days per week on the course. Maybe you can make it a habit and fit an hour or two into your daily routine.

Are my skills enough to build this project?

Since we focus on software development in a professional environment this project is not a good fit for complete beginners.

Maybe you have some experience with React already, but pull requests, Kanban, or working with designs are new to you. That's completely fine.

But you should at least have a somewhat solid knowledge of JavaScript and React.

You're probably on a good level for this project if you have implemented a small app on your own like a todo or weather app with a bit of state management and data fetching.

Can I use the project on my portfolio?

Sure, you wrote the code so it belongs to you. Reach out and we can transfer the repository to your personal account.

Do you provide discounts?

If you're a student or live in a country where the USD is expensive don't hesitate to reach out to us. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our content.

How does Profy.dev compare to a bootcamp?

Bootcamps typically promise to get you from zero knowledge into a developer job within a few months. You get a mentor for this time who helps you improve your code. Once you finished the bootcamp you have access to a career service that helps you prepare your application documents and assists with finding interviews.

This sounds nice but in many cases, it isn't realistic. The time is too short. Mentors don't spend a lot of time with the students. Often the teachers are inexperienced themselves. Many bootcamps have the habit of employing their students to increase placement rates.

On top of that bootcamps cost a lot of money. $10k - $20k are not unusual.

We take a different approach: We know that many aspiring developers have come very far alone. Unfortunately, the last steps are often the hardest. Advanced resources are scarce and nobody teaches how to work like a professional dev.

At Profy.dev we don't teach beginners but focus on guiding you through these last difficult steps. We expect you to have a foundation of technical knowledge so you can go out and write code without a lot of hand-holding.

Since our processes are automated we can offer this at a fraction of the cost of a bootcamp. But we know that you might need assistance from time to time. That's why we provide a community of other developers where you can find help. We are part of this community and help out where we can.

We will offer resources to help you find a job in the near future. So you might think of Profy.dev as an affordable alternative to a bootcamp for developers who came a long way on their own.

How does Profy.dev compare to a (video) course?

Courses are great when you want to get started or learn a very specific skill. You typically watch some videos. Sometimes hours of them. You follow an instructor and code along.

This is great at the beginning. But the actual learning process kicks in when you apply this knowledge on your own. This is where courses usually leave you hanging.

We offer you a way to learn and practice new skills hands-on. You do the work yourself without following the lead of somebody else. Once you're done with a task you get advice on how to improve your code and a professional example implementation to compare your code to.

This approach is challenging but accelerates your learning to a new level.

Why don't I just build a project on my own?

Sure, you can do that. Honestly, you will have a lot of the benefits of building projects on Profy.dev.

The problem is that it costs a lot of time. You'll spend time figuring out how the app should behave and look like. Lots of time. And you might end up with a mediocre result that doesn't really look good on your portfolio.

You will also work as you always do. You'll at most commit your code to the master branch once a day. Nothing close to a professional workflow.

You'll have improved your coding skills and a new project for your portfolio. But you'll have lost a lot of time with stuff that doesn't matter for a developer job. With unclear end results.

At Profy.dev we focus on what's important. We provide the project, the tasks, and the designs. You focus on what gets you into a job: professional developer skills, workflows, and writing code. You'll end up with a great project for your portfolio and with a lot of new skills to add to your profile.