Hiring Junior developers is a risk

Pick the wrong candidate and your team ends up blocked and frustrated.

When you're looking to extend your team with a Junior dev you need to assess your candidates during the hiring process.

Unfortunately, getting an understanding of a Junior developer's abilities is really hard.

Even experienced hiring managers can be deceived by a shiny resume. The candidate may seem great with a promising CS-background. But you'll only find out if they were worth the gamble after working with them for several weeks or months.

Let's face it: Most Junior developers are far away from being production-ready.

They have so much to learn. Not only is your tech stack and system new to them. Many don't know

  • how to use Git in a team
  • the software development lifecycle
  • how to work with tickets
  • what CI/CD pipelines are.

You don't want to end up investing endless time in training, block your Senior developers, and frustrate your team only to let the Junior go after all.

You know that many Junior candidates have the potential to become great developers. You just can't be sure who...

What if all your Junior candidates had already proven their talent?

In an ideal world, you could be certain that you would only interview candidates with real talent.

Junior developers who had proven that they can do the job. Who already knew how to collaborate with your team. Who focussed their whole energy on getting used to your specific product, architecture, and codebase.

Such a developer could ramp up and get productive much more quickly. They could soon take over small tasks independently and actively contribute to your team.

Of course, it still would be your job to provide mentoring. We're talking about a Junior dev after all. But it would actually be fun for you and your team to guide them along their way to growing into a Senior.

Ok, that sounds great. But how are you supposed to find such a candidate with the current hiring process? Recruiters and HR aren't a great help. Hell, they often don't even know there's a difference between Java and JavaScript...

Let us do the screening work and connect you to the best Junior developers

Our approach is to teach our developers professional skills that they typically only learn on the job. Skills like

  • working with Git, GitHub, PRs, and code reviews
  • working in the scope of tasks using project management software
  • working with professional designs
  • splitting up features into smaller tasks.

But only learning these skills in theory isn't enough, right? That's why our students practice what they learned.

Just like on a real job they get a set of tasks and designs. Then they implement a project on their own.

Our advantage is that we have seen dozens of developers implement the same project. We follow them. We see who drops off and who is persistent. We see who makes use of our advice and follows the process. We see who learns quickly and adapts to new environments. We see who reaches out for help when they're stuck.

The problem for many of our students is that it's not easy to find the first job as a new developer. Breaking into the industry can be really hard due to the huge numbers of Junior candidates. Many of which aren't really qualified for a job yet.

So we'd like to help our best students to land their first job.

We know that it's important to receive mentorship and work in a great team at the beginning of the career. That's why we're only looking for companies that offer mentoring within a tech team to hire selected students.

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