Onboarding Junior devs is expensive

Training Junior devs costs a lot of time and resources. Use our onboarding courses and save valuable time of your Senior developers.

Most Junior developers aren't production-ready from the start. They have no experience working in a team and no experience using professional workflows. So you need to train them.

But this onboarding period takes a long time and uses valuable resources of your Senior developers. Resources that could be used for building features instead.

What if your Junior developers could train themselves?

What if you could free up your Senior developers' time during the onboarding of a newly hired Junior?

You would have more resources to work on features in your roadmap. You could deliver faster with a happier team. The Junior could join the team once they were confident and be production-ready in no time.

Our interactive courses resemble real work environments

That makes them perfect for onboarding your Junior developers. Our approach is to teach professional skills that they typically only learn on the job. Skills like

  • working with Git, GitHub, PRs, and code reviews
  • working in the scope of tasks using project management software
  • working with professional designs
  • splitting up features into smaller tasks.

But only learning these skills in theory isn't enough, right? That's why our students practice what they learned. Just like on a real job they get a set of tasks and designs. They work with a virtual teammate to get an experience as close to real work environments as possible.