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As a web developer, you have to work with other devs eventually. And as part of a professional team, you have to know Git and GitHub (or GitLab/BitBucket). These tools are at the core of collaboration among developers.

Unfortunately, you didn't have the chance of working in a dev team yet. So at this moment, your workflow is simple: You work on the master branch the entire time.

Beyond that Git becomes confusing as heck. And once GitHub comes into play things get even more intimidating:

Branches, pushing, pulling, Pull Requests, merge, Continuous Integration, code reviews? Jibber-jabber! What does that even mean?

Unfortunately, all this is necessary if you want to work with other developers. And there's no easy way to learn it without being part of a team in the first place. Or is there?

What if you could gain experience with a professional Git workflow before joining a team?

Hands-on experience with Git & GitHub that you can apply in the real world. Imagine you could practice in a safe environment and load it into your brain in no time. Just like Neo in the Matrix:

Working in a team of developers would be like a breeze. You could start your first job with the confidence and clarity that you know your way around Git & GitHub.

Of course, you won't become a master like Neo in a matter of seconds. But with guidance and a tiny bit of time, you can build a solid foundation.

Let a bot teach you how to use Git & GitHub in a professional team

With GitHub Minesweeper you can practice a Git workflow that is used in many real-world teams. You get hands-on lessons mixed with just the right amount of theory. This allows you to get in-depth practice paired with solid foundational knowledge.

To make this more fun this course is a remake of the classic Minesweeper game. This also allows you to repeat the workflow until you build muscle memory.

I was intimidated by GitHub. As a solo developer learning on my own, I only ever pushed to the main branch. Github was a tool I used to store my code in case my computer's hard drive failed.

This course demystified GitHub and introduced me to each concept step by step. I now feel more comfortable than ever at creating a branch, commits, pull requests, continuous integration, the review process, and how to merge a branch.

These skills are used every day by professional developers, and now I feel one step closer to being a professional developer myself.

Dru Ashley

Dru Ashley

Self-taught developer

This is different than the courses you're used to

On you learn by doing. Sure, you get initial guidance. But from the start, you work in a real dev environment with your favorite editor, a terminal, and a repository on GitHub. Throughout the course, our bot acts as your virtual teammate. This way you can practice real-world workflows and get used to a real work environment... Before joining a professional team.

The most important part though: practice. All the knowledge in the world won't save you if you can't apply it. So after the initial guidance, the hand-holding stops and you practice on your own.

Sounds good?

Learn a professional Git workflow now. It's free!
Within 2 hours of your time, you can gain hands-on experience with a team workflow using Git & GitHub. It's free. No strings attached.

Learn a Git workflow called Trunk-Based Development including branches, Pull Requests, code reviews, and merging.

We play the first round of GitHub Minesweeper together. You get detailed instructions of the Git commands and screenshots of the steps on GitHub.

You learn the basics of the Git workflow Trunk-Based Development and how to

  • create branches
  • commit and push changes to a remote repository
  • create Pull Requests on GitHub
  • request code reviews
  • merge a Pull Request.

This is what it looks like in action:

Experience a Continuous Integration pipeline in action

In the second round, you'll learn the basics of Continuous Integration pipelines and GitHub Actions. Along the way we also see the effects of squash merging branches on GitHub.

Become the reviewer to experience the review process from both sides

In the last guided round of GitHub Minesweeper, you see the code review process from the other side. You review and approve a Pull Request that your bot teammate created.

Build muscle memory by playing GitHub Minesweeper on your own

Once the guided part is over, you can play as many games of GitHub Minesweeper as you like. This way you can repeat the steps until you don't need to reference the provided cheatsheet anymore. Build muscle memory to prepare yourself for the real world.

Learn a professional Git workflow now. It's free!
Within 2 hours of your time, you can gain hands-on experience with a team workflow using Git & GitHub. It's free. No strings attached.

If you already have some experience with Git & GitHub this course might seem too easy for you. But if you would like to get into more advanced topics like resolving merge conflicts or interactive rebase our upcoming course could be interesting for you.

Subscribe to the waitlist and we'll reach out once it launches.

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